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India on UK’s COVID-19 “red list”

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced the “vital but difficult” decision to add India to the UK travel “red list”, following the surge in cases of COVID-19 and detection of a new variant first identified in the country. The decision has, however, been criticised as being taken too late. “These decisions are almost inevitably […] Läs artikeln här!

“Pandora’s box” opened as COVID-19 cases surge

As cases of COVID-19 surge across India, some doctors have claimed “Pandora’s box” has opened. India’s second wave is underway, and figures now dwarf the peaks in September that saw speculation that India would rise to the most-affected nation. Such a severe second-wave is a shock considering that in early March, India’s Health Minister Dr… Continue Reading

Lack of testing risks mutant strains running rampant

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, India has established ten state-run laboratories in order to test samples to identify the presence of mutant strains. Despite the establishment of the laboratories, fewer than one percent of all samples have thus far been tested. India has only studied 11,064 of its samples according to the Union Ministry of Health… Continue Reading

COVID-19 cases highest since start of pandemic

Just a few short weeks ago, experts and media outlets speculated as to whether a resurgence of COVID-19 was likely to take place in India. These fears were proven more than true as daily case counts have now reached their highest point since the start of the pandemic. A total of 103,790 new cases of… Continue Reading

Double-mutant COVID-19 strain identified in India

A total of 771 mutant variants of COVID-19 have been detected in India with many being deemed a “double-mutant”. While fears of external strains entering the country have been of great concern in recent weeks, the new strain is thought to have originated in India. COVID-19 cases are currently surging in India. As Health Issues… Continue Reading

“Long COVID” symptoms underlined by study

Research has shone a light on “long COVID” symptoms, identifying stroke, chest pain, and blood clot-related complications as among the most serious adverse effects patients experience after recovery. Review authors of the study, published in Nature Medicine, highlighted the plight of so-called ‘COVID long-haulers’. “We felt that a review of all these possible issues would… Continue Reading

COVID-19 resurgence fears prove true

India’s initial COVID-19 surge was a gradual process. Unlike many countries, India weathered the storm and officially remained free of the disease for a long period of time, before a gradual and sustained increase in cases saw it rise to one of the most highly affected. The spike that has occurred over the last few… Continue Reading

COVID-19 cases rise once more

While just last week Health Issues India wrote of India’s progress against COVID-19 flatlining, more recent news would indicate that progress against the disease is now reversing. The developments have sparked fears of a second wave. In February, India was hitting its lowest case counts since the surge in September of last year that saw… Continue Reading

Will COVID-19 become endemic in India?

COVID-19 cases have fallen considerably in India since their peak in mid-September of last year. However, India, as with many other countries, is reaching a fairly consistent low point that has had many speculating that the disease will not be eradicated but rather remain endemic in the country. Delhi’s health minister Satyendar Jain said on… Continue Reading

“Lack of fear” of COVID-19 leading to a resurgence?

India has mounted a considerable effort against COVID-19 — one that has seen official numbers largely plummet. However, as individuals yearn to go back to their daily lives, some have speculated that a “lack of fear” of COVID-19 could lead to a resurgence. Indeed, in Maharashtra, this may already be the case. According to Union… Continue Reading

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