July 10, 2020



The Dude 6.47.1

The Dude network monitor is an application that can help you improve the way you manage your network environment. The Dude will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has pro
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Mozilla Firefox Portable 78.0.2

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured browser for Windows that makes browsing more efficient than ever before. Firefox includes pop-up blocking; a tab-browsing mode that lets you open several pages in a single window; integrated Google searching; simplified privacy controls that let you cover you
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Music Collection 3.2.6

If you have or plan to have a sizeable collection of music, then Music Collection will help you archive and manage your albums easily. You can use the software to enter information about any type of music media or edit the information you have already entered. It saves all media found on your album,
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Visual Studio Code 1.47.0

Editor’s RatingReviewed on November 16, 2017Powerful yet lightweight, Visual Studio Code is a source code editor that runs on your desktop. It has built-in JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js support, and extensions for C++, C#, PHP and other languages. The highly intuitive user interface is based on
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ByteScout PDF Multitool v11.2.1.3929

Editor’s RatingReviewed on February 07, 2017PDF files offer a lot of convenience, but there are times when you may find it difficult to do some things using a standard PDF reader. For example, many viewers cannot find text in scanned documents or extract data to different file formats. Thankfully, B
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Everything / Beta

Editor’s RatingAs you keep using your computer, there is no doubt that you will pile up files with passing time. In addition, modern hard drives are increasingly getting larger, and locating items they contain can prove tricky. It is therefore important to have a file search facility that makes it c
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Animals for Kids 3D

Editor’s RatingReviewed on July 10, 2020Animals for Kids 3D is a free, informative, and highly informative educational program targeted to children aged one to five. It encompasses videos, showing how the animals move around, as well as 3-D models which can be rotated to display all sides of the ani
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Blender 2.83.2

“Great program” Reviewer: -shnbwmn Review Date: 2013-10-26 Pros: – many production quality features – highly polished – small download – large support community, with very active development – open source and free! – integrates with other 3D software formats and software (incl renderers, etc) Cons:
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